Saturday, 19 March 2016


So it has been a while since I last talked beauty but now I'm finally here, bringing you an updated daily make up!

There are products that haven't changed and remained as staples that just cannot beat the rest. But you'll also find a few new things and added steps into my daily routine. You can check out my last daily make up post here - you will still find all the products that haven't changed listed below in the order that I use them. 

I have been loving the MAC paint pot in Groundwork to add definition without the hassle of blending. I just use my ring finger and work it all over the mobile lid and sometimes underneath on the bottom lash line. If I've got a few spare moments, I like to add the Nars eyeshadow over Groundwork for an effortless sheen. 

I have integrated a setting powder into my routine, as it helps my make up last even longer. I have previously left this step out because I prefer a dewy finish on the skin and there wasn't much but matte powders on the market. The Hourglass products, especially their powders, are definitely worth the hype and price point. It gives a beautiful satin finish on the skin, to match my foundation, sets my concealer in place, and provides a smooth surface for the rest of the face products. 

If there is anything I was to rave about, though, it has to be the new highlighter I picked up. This liquid Becca one does an amazing job at subtly highlighting and maintaining the natural dewiness and sheen to the skin. It also wears beautifully during the day. I like to put it on the tops of my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and on my Cupid's bow. 

For what may seem like a lot of steps, it is a crazy quick make up routine. It only manages to eat up about 10 minutes of my morning - but what's great about this look is that there are plenty of steps to cut out if you're in a rush!

1. FOUNDATION: Estee Lauder Double Wear Light SPF 10 in Intensity 3.0

2. EYEBROWS: Sportsgirl Rose Eyeshadow palette (similar)

5. BRONZER: Sleek Face Form 

These images have not been retouched.

Saba silk top
Lovisa sterling silver earrings

Leanne xx

Photography by Jordan Lee 

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