Sunday, 27 July 2014

No monkey business

Zara grey turtle neck 
Zara pants 
Rings from Glebe Markets 

It definitely feels good to be home but I can't say I don't miss the weather up in the northern hemisphere, Sydney you are friken cold alright!

I have never felt completely comfortable wearing turtle necks out in public as they have always encompassed a bit of dag for me but thank goodness for the 90's trend because I seriously love them and they are easily the single warmest item (I'm too lazy for layering sometimes... okay maybe a lot of the time). Leather is the one & only thing that will sway me from my denim ways - and when I mean I have been wanting leather pants for ages, I seriously mean AGES. Zara you have done well.

Leanne x

Photo credits: Tash Fonseca 

Sunday, 20 July 2014


Agent 99 black top 
Vintage Planet Hollywood denim jacket 
Daniel Wellington watch 
Rollas denim jacket 
Vintage hat
Clinique 'Pudgy Peony' chubby stick 

Apologies for being M.I.A! Close to zero computer access, unreliable wifi and non-stop touring make blogging slightly difficult. However I am home now and you shall all receive ya weekly dosage :)  

Here's a few snaps of Anty and I having fun at Glebe Markets - we're pretty much in love.

Leanne x

Photo credits: Antonia Xu & yours truly
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