Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Balcony heights

Living Doll sequin top
American Apparel leather skirt
Woolworths shoes 
Forever New horseshoe necklace 
Swatch watch
Lancome travel set

Ah finally something a bit dressier for y'all! Dinners in a foreign city always gives good reason to amp up the dress code and chuck on a pair of heels and something sparkly. 

I was so excited to finally wear this truly amazing leather skirt from American Apparel (yes I have a fetish for leather, I refuse to be ashamed) that my sister got for me in the states. Of course it's available here but let's face it, leather is not cheap!

It was a pretty bold choice on my part not to get black too but how flawless does the beige still look! If you're a bit scared of leather or have more of a feminine style I would definitely opt for a lighter colour like white, cream or beige, it is definitely less hard hitting but stays right on trend. Or if you're a bit sick of black leather why not go for navy or deep green! (They are definitely on my wishlist)

And yes I will clear up that Woolworths in South Africa is a department store (which also sells food!) and seriously epitomises my ideal shopping experience. I'm so glad I picked up these little black shoes (LBS?), I have found myself wanting to wear them with every outfit! Because of my vertically challenged body, I thought I would never buy heels that were anything but sky high... let's all take a moment (or a few) to admire that view of Cape Town!

Leanne x

Photo credits: Mum 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Glassons white tshirt 
Sass & Bide jeans 
Zara blazer 
Tiffany & Co and Thomas Sabo pendants 
Converse shoes 
Swatch watch
Revlon matte red lipstick
Sportsgirl sunglasses

Apologies for my lack of creativity in the shoe and accessory departments! I am obsessed with the comfort and versatility of such wardrobe basics (something which I stupidly have not done in the past because it seriously hinders having options). So to rectify this dilemma I willed myself to buy some more basics like this sheer chiffon-like top with side splits, super easy to dress up and down and super cheap

But what has been a surprisingly amazing investment is this Zara blazer which I managed to pick up in South Africa about two years ago. For a floral piece, I never thought I would want to wear it all the time with anything and everything, day and night. So if you're looking for a wardrobe update I definitely recommend starting a hunt for the perfect floral blazer... 

Leanne x

Photo credits: Kim Son Kee

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Mini Photo Diary: South Africa & Mauritius

As promised here is a little snippet on my adventures in South Africa and Mauritius! Stick around to see more of Table Mountain, Paradiso Cafe, the V&A Waterfront, Cape Point, Robben Island and some real beaching!

Apologies for the lateness, uni has definitely been presenting its challenges despite all the new found freedom it provides!

Hope you're all doing fabulously!  :)

Leanne x

Photo credits: Mum, sister and myself

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Comme des garçons

Bonds white tshirt 
Country Road pants 
Converse shoes 
Sportsgirl sunglasses 
Swatch watch 

Happy autumn everyone! This is a simple one from me - mainly because I was in one of those mad rushes on a Monday morning after a late night where I had those I-have-a-wardrobe-full-of-clothes-but-nothing-to-wear! moments (which I have too often for my liking especially now that I have started uni) and used the simple trick of choosing basics and chucking something patterned in the mix returning me back to my relaxed boy-ish ways! Plus I cannot believe I have not owned a pair of converse before - they are actually most comfortable shoes you will ever find. 

Plus I saw a cute watermelon on the street and thought that I must take a picture with that! 

Watch this space for a sneak peek of my adventures in South Africa and Mauritius :)

Leanne x

Photo credits: Kim Son Kee
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