Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Balcony heights

Living Doll sequin top
American Apparel leather skirt
Woolworths shoes 
Forever New horseshoe necklace 
Swatch watch
Lancome travel set

Ah finally something a bit dressier for y'all! Dinners in a foreign city always gives good reason to amp up the dress code and chuck on a pair of heels and something sparkly. 

I was so excited to finally wear this truly amazing leather skirt from American Apparel (yes I have a fetish for leather, I refuse to be ashamed) that my sister got for me in the states. Of course it's available here but let's face it, leather is not cheap!

It was a pretty bold choice on my part not to get black too but how flawless does the beige still look! If you're a bit scared of leather or have more of a feminine style I would definitely opt for a lighter colour like white, cream or beige, it is definitely less hard hitting but stays right on trend. Or if you're a bit sick of black leather why not go for navy or deep green! (They are definitely on my wishlist)

And yes I will clear up that Woolworths in South Africa is a department store (which also sells food!) and seriously epitomises my ideal shopping experience. I'm so glad I picked up these little black shoes (LBS?), I have found myself wanting to wear them with every outfit! Because of my vertically challenged body, I thought I would never buy heels that were anything but sky high... let's all take a moment (or a few) to admire that view of Cape Town!

Leanne x

Photo credits: Mum 
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