Thursday, 23 October 2014


French Connection dress 
Sportsgirl hat
MoMA tote bag 

Well this was a real teaser of the Aussie summer to come! As much as I love the winter I have been ready to get out of the jeans and jumpers for the year, so I was very excited to pull out this cute simple dress I picked up in the states (finally a striped dress yay! which I also couldn't resist getting in black&white). It is honestly the perfect fit and is snug in all the right places.

Tote bags have been my total lifesaver this first year of uni where I just need something to chuck all my essentials in without being an overbearing bag itself. Honestly the best place to get cool quirky ones (like this ant one) is from art gallery shops! You can snag the coolest, most random things :)

Leanne x

Photo credits: Jordan Lee 

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