Friday, 5 August 2016


Lipstick has this wonderful power to really influence the way a woman can feel. It can build confidence, re-energise you and add an instant glamour to any look you desire. 

I am so excited to share with you the newly released Hot Lips collection by the infamous Charlotte Tilbury! And even more excited to finally own some of her amazing products which have been hyped for a while now!

There are 12 lipsticks in the whole range all based on some the most mesmerising women of today. From the gorgeous nude colour that I am wearing, some of you will notice that it is highly reminiscent of the infamous Kim Kardashian-West (how amazing is that packaging though!).

The nude went perfectly with the Colour Chamleon I bought in Amber Haze, a beautiful bronzey shade I am happy to now own in my collection. The Colour Chamleons are so simple and easy to use and honestly stay put the whole day!

I personally also really love Carina's Love, a gorgeous deep red perfect for a date, and Miranda May, the ultimate daytime lipstick. 

The women that the range is inspired by each encapsulate their unique beauty and style, meaning there is a colour to suit everyone! What;s also amazing is that every $2 from the sale of each lipstick will be donated to the Women For Women charity, an organisation that actively works to better the lives of females all over the world. 

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